New Pool Builders in Chico, CA l Premier Pools & Spas

 New Pool Builders in Chico, CA l Premier Pools & Spas

Premier’s New Pool Building Franchise in Chico, California

Premier Pools & Spas introduces new pool builders in Chico, CA: Sean and Chris Stevenson, and Cameron and Becca Rappleye.

The Stevensons and Rappleyes

Sean and Chris, along with daughter Becca and her husband, Cameron, keep it all in the family with this new Premier entity. Becca has been working at Premier Franchise Management (PFM) headquarters, and her passion for Premier flowed to her parents and husband.

Sean has over 30 years of building background, including the construction of pool decking, while Cameron brings his experience with building contractor insurance to the fold.

Chris is a former daycare owner and proud Mom of Becca, who is a marketing professional at PFM. Becca and Cameron married in August of 2020.

Sean stated, “With the help of PPAS, we are looking forward to working for ourselves and having family in the business with us.”

All are looking forward to making families’ pool dreams come true.

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