New curbs on gentrified Bristol’s log burner craze

 New curbs on gentrified Bristol’s log burner craze

They have gained a reputation as one of the four horsemen of Bristol’s creeping gentrification, but now people who put log burners in Bristol’s refurbished Victorian terraced homes are going to have to be careful what they buy to burn in it.

The first restrictions on what can be burned in fireplaces in this country in more than 60 years quietly came in this week, in a bid to help clean up the air from a new generation.

Back in the 1950s, a succession of Clean Air Acts banned the sooty coal fired heavy industry and heating systems that created killer ‘pea-souper’ smogs that affected London and other major cities, including Bristol, in the post-war era.

Since then, the air in Bristol is a lot cleaner, and the focus of efforts to stop pollution in the air we breathe has focussed more on exhaust fumes from diesel lorries and…

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