New and Exciting Technology in Plumbing

 New and Exciting Technology in Plumbing

With all the cool new technology that gets introduced everyday it’s impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on. Consumers are often wrapped up in the newest smartphone, vehicle or computer, but technology branches into just about every industry there is. Plumbing has seen countless advances from technology that makes it, easier, less expensive and better for the environment. Here is a list of our favourite cool new technology products that have impacted plumbing or will have an impact on plumbing in the near future.


Smart Faucets and Toilets


Touchless faucets have been around for awhile and we’ve all seen them in public restrooms, but with the increased need due to the pandemic, we now have smart faucets. Touchless faucets were designed to decrease the amount of germs on faucet handles and they’ve done just that. However, because of the pandemic, demand for these type of faucets have gone up significantly. That, along with new technology has led to the birth of smart faucets and toilets.

Smart faucets are just like smart lights that are being used in new homes, soon you’ll be able to say Hey Siri turn on the kitchen sink, and water will start flowing. This is fairly new technology and will be developed further but will be very useful when fully adopted. Similarly, smart toilets are on the rise and have all sorts of fun things to offer. Smart toilets will do everything from lift up the cover automatically when you arrive and automatically…

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