Mr. Swirl’s Guide to Poly B

 Mr. Swirl’s Guide to Poly B

At this point you might be wondering, what is Poly B? The answer could be shocking if you live in the Lower Mainland, Greater Vancouver Area or Fraser Valley and your home was built between the years of 1970 & 1999.

Poly B or Polybutylene piping was created to be an alternative to expensive copper piping in homes. It was popular and heavily used in 1970 to 1999 for the construction of homes in cities such as Burnaby, Coquitlam and Langley due to its inexpensive price. However, home constructors didn’t know the damage they were doing at the time. Truth be told Poly B leaks all the time! Its notorious for having huge leaks, bursts and causing you all sorts of problems. We’ll let you know all the reasons why this happens as it is one of the most common issues plumbers in the Lower Mainland, Greater Vancouver Area and Fraser Valley face.

Why does Poly B leak so much?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why Poly B leaks so much. Here are just a few:

-Heat: If Poly B has been installed in an area that often becomes hot like next to a gas hot water tank or water heater the excessive heat can cause the pipes to burst or leak.

-Fittings: When Poly B was first installed, often all the fittings were made from plastic. Plastic, similar to Poly B is cheap but it does not hold up. These fittings can break or become loose creating large bursts or leaks.

-Installation: Since Poly B was essentially a phase in plumbing and construction, installation of the piping was never…

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