Most Reliable Garage Door Springs

Most Reliable Garage Door Springs – All of the parts of a garage door’s mechanisms are important.

All play a significant role in making the garage door function.

The type of materials used for each piece can have a considerable impact on the door’s overall durability.

For example, the door itself has a wide selection of types of material.

It can be made out of wood, steel, plastic, glass, or it can be a hybrid (mixed materials).

These different types cater to the specific needs and wants of homeowners. It has different pros and cons for everyone.

Just like the doors, other parts also have different types and different pros and cons.

A great example is the garage doors’ springs. There are different available types of springs for garage doors.

There is a standard manufactured type and a high cycle type of spring.

So what should you pick for your garage door? In choosing the right springs for you, learn which type of spring will be more reliable when revamping your garage doors in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge.

Standard Manufactured Garage Door Springs

These are standard springs that are manufactured for most of the doors.

A garage door on average rolls up and down to open and close in about four times a day.

The standard springs are expected to last up to fifteen thousand (15,000) cycles or at least ten thousand (10,000).

This type is the usual springs being used on garage doors.

Sometimes two springs are being used on a garage door to support its weight.

Having two springs is a standard option for homeowners who have heavy garage doors. This is a kind of hack that prevents them from having to replace the springs of the door repeatedly.

High Cycle Springs for Garage Doors

Contrary to the standard manufactured springs, high cycle springs are not usually the springs used and found on most garage doors.

The possible reason is due to the fact that it is much more expensive compared to the other type of garage door spring.

In spite of the fact that it is more expensive than the other type of spring, it still has its pros.

This kind of spring is much more durable than the standard manufactured springs.

It also helps the mechanism work smoothly.

In the event that you compare the two types of spring, you would be able to see that the garage door using high cycle springs works effortlessly than the standard springs.

These springs are more extended and more prominent than the other type, and they can last longer than ten to fifteen thousand opening and closing of the garage doors.

However, this type of spring is not applicable for all garage doors models.

It is more aligned to newer versions of garage doors and not so much to old ones.

Comparing the Two Types of Garage Door Springs

Both springs have their strengths and flaws.

For the standard manufactured springs, its price and compatibility to all kinds of garage doors are a significant advantage in choosing which springs you should get for your doors.

On the other hand, even though the high cycle springs are a bit more expensive than the standard ones, you would not need to use two standard manufactured springs to support your door’s weight.

The high cycle springs are much more robust and lasting.

You will most likely have less spring replacements if you choose this type of spring.

Both are great and could be perfect for homeowners’ needs.

If your household usually opens and closes the garage door more than the average amount of cycles a day, it would be better to get high cycle springs.

In case that two standard manufactured springs can relatively support the weight of the doors as good as high cycle ones, compare the prices.

Maybe two standard springs are still better than buying the high cycled one.

Always choose the better deal for you and your garage door.

Also, by all means, do not forget to check and see if the spring your planning on using is compatible with your garage doors.

Check if it can handle using one or two standard springs or the high cycle springs.

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Common garage door repair related FAQ

How long does it take to replace a garage door?

Roughly 3 to 4 hours, if done properly.

How often should my a garage door be serviced?

Your garage door is a large piece of moving equipment made up of many parts. Some families use their garage door more than their front door. We recommend having your garage door and operator serviced every year in order to ensure a properly working door and operator. The noises your door or operator makes are your initial “warning signs” that something is not quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result.

How long do garage door springs usually last?

The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 cycles (one opening and one closing is a cycle.)

What is the life span of a garage door opener?

The average life span of a door opener can vary from 10 to 20 years depending on the model and usage.

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