Money, labor and time are the factors causing more people to do own projects

 Money, labor and time are the factors causing more people to do own projects

For those with gray hair, do-it-yourself or DIY has a different connotation than it does for most millennials. Young couples will turn on their favorite home improvement channel to see this loving couple take an old, rundown house and turn it into a Pinterest photo project.

These home improvement channels make the project look so fun and easy that you immediately want to go to your local home improvement warehouse and start your own project. As most find out very quickly, that is not reality.

The gray-haired people became do-it-yourselfers not because of the allure and romance of doing a project, but rather it was a necessity if they wanted to improve their home. In the days before unending credit, YouTube, internet reviews, and overnight shipments, a project had to be figured out and material sourced out from limited suppliers.

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Budgets were tight and if you did not do the work yourself, it probably did not get done. I am not saying that people did not hire carpenters and subcontractors, but 75 percent of the people did the home improvement projects themselves or with a friend or family member.  

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent run on building supplies and labor shortages may bring some of our young homeowners back in time to where do-it-yourself work around the house is a necessity. Three major changes in the home improvement marketplace are forcing many people to rethink how projects are completed.

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