Middle Twp and Egg Harbor City Cops Have Unique Animal Encounters

 Middle Twp and Egg Harbor City Cops Have Unique Animal Encounters

While much of South Jersey was dealing with rain for most of the weekend, some of South Jersey’s finest were dealing with some animals not normally encountered with on a typical day.

Police officers were kept busy – or at least curiously occupied by some of our animal friends.

In Middle Township it was a raccoon that took up some time for at least one police officer. Patrolman Baczek had his hands full as he came to the rescue and pulled out a raccoon from a resident’s chimney.

(You have to hand it to the officer, as most people dealing with anything in a chimney is Not going to come out looking so clean!)

Meanwhile, what got the goat of police officers in Egg Harbor City over the weekend was… a goat!

(Apparently, this little guy was just doing some free-lance water meter reading!)

Thank you, South Jersey police officers for always being there when we need you – even when, sometimes, it’s kind of like a zoo out there!

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