May the Force Be With You (and Your Plumbing Problems)

 May the Force Be With You (and Your Plumbing Problems)

Larry McVay founded Advanced Plumbing Technologies in 2004.

The terms “hydrojetters, rooters, and bursting machines” sound like terms from a George Lucas film. For the people at Olympia’s Advanced Plumbing Technologies (APT), these words are the common language of their business. Instead of battling dark forces in a galaxy far, far away, APT battles the forces of nature right here in our own backyards. With 40 years of combined experience and some fairly specialized equipment, APT will locate and repair most domestic and commercial outdoor plumber fights.

At the beginning

In 2004 the owner Larry McVay was working on a job at another company. An elderly customer was told that she would need to replace an entire line to fix her drainage problem. McVay felt she was being fooled and he went out of his way to tell her the truth. Needless to say, McVay’s employment with the company ended that day. On a budget of $ 400 and a shovel, McVay’s career as his own boss immediately began with this older woman who was his first job.

Trenchless technology

“Trenchless pipe replacement is our specialty,” says business partner Colby Langenberg. He explains how their color camera is used to pinpoint problems and that special pits are dug instead of excavations to repair damage.

Digging a garage floor can be extremely costly, while entry and exit pits are inexpensive and disruptions to the construction site are minimized. Langenberg eagerly describes how APT uses a cable…

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