Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Service In Toronto

 Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Service In Toronto

The kitchen is one of the areas in our home that shelters most of our appliances.

These appliances make our daily activities easier.

This is why you should regularly maintain kitchen appliances because it can be problematic when you find out they are making trouble.

With this, it’s best to seek help from professionals for maintenance tips.

You can count on A1 Appliance Repairs for kitchen appliance maintenance service in Toronto.

Call us to receive our same-day service!

Moreover, these are the following services we offer and the maintenance tips we can share:

Fridge Maintenance

Refrigerators typically last for 11 years when well-maintained.

If you want to keep your fridge in good condition until the end of its lifespan, follow these maintenance tips from us:

1. Clean the Coils

One of the areas that you need to check in the fridge is the coils.

They are found at the bottom back part of the refrigerator.

They are also essential in keeping the fridge’s cold temperature inside.

To keep them in good condition, dust off the dirt using a soft brush.

Do this method every three months to keep the coils away from the dirt and dust.

2. Avoid stuffing the fridge

If you’re overloading items in your fridge, they will block other components responsible for cooling the refrigerator. Also, it would make your fridge smelly.

Make sure to put items in your fridge in just the right quantity.

For a smelly fridge, place charcoal and newspapers inside to absorb the bad smell.

After the smell is removed, you can remove the food that is no longer needed in the fridge, especially the spoiled ones.

Microwave Maintenance

The kitchen appliance that also makes our lives more comfortable is the microwave.

We no longer have to warm the food on the stove, as you can do it with a microwave for a few minutes. Hence, you should take care of it.

To keep its good condition, always clean it after every use since hard food particles can leave inside it.

Wipe away the hard food particles with a mix of lemon, vinegar, and water. Do this until no debris is visible.

Make sure to do the cleaning after turning off the microwave for safety purposes.

Stove Maintenance

Whether your stove is gas-operated or electric, you can easily maintain it with different methods.

1. Gas Stove

Pay attention to the burner as it is always prone to malfunctioning.

Watch out for food spillage over it and remove it with a solution to prevent clogging.

Also, schedule a general cleaning with your stove to ensure there is no clogging in the parts.

2. Electric Stove

For the electric stove, clean it at least twice a week.

Then, turn it off after using it to prevent fatal damages and accidents.

Dishwasher Maintenance

A dishwasher is one of the kitchen appliances that have the longest lifespan once it’s maintained regularly.

However, check it since it is prone to clogging problems.

Over time, the filter and the pipe can get clogged due to the particles accumulated during the washing cycle.

Check the filter and remove the debris you find.

If you don’t clean the filter, the water won’t pass through the pipe. Watch this video for the procedure.

You can also clear out the debris and grime you find in the spray arms and pump area.

These parts, if not cleaned, will make the dishes dirty after every wash.

Clean these parts to ensure that the dishwasher is performing well.

Oven Maintenance

Ovens are one of the best inventions out there as you can simply cook any food easily.

However, ovens need maintenance to perform well. Furthermore, follow these tips:

  • Remove any food particles left after using the oven. Soak a towel with vinegar for easy removal.
  • Grease the motor twice a year to make sure the oven is working correctly.
  • Clean the fans or blades to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Lastly, watch this video for more oven maintenance tips.

Receive Top-Notch Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Service in Toronto!

It can be convenient and pleasant when you find your kitchen appliances are working well, especially if you do regular maintenance.

And it’s much better when you schedule the maintenance with A1 Appliance Repairs.

With A1 Appliance Repairs, you’ll save your time, money, and effort.

After all, we have been providing residential and commercial appliance repairs in Etobicoke and Toronto for 12 years and counting.

If you find maintenance a bit of work for you, schedule maintenance with us to receive our best kitchen appliance maintenance service in Toronto!

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