Kildare woman transforms mobile home on tiny DIY budget

 Kildare woman transforms mobile home on tiny DIY budget

“We made some changes to some elements throughout, like ceiling beams, painting doors white instead of the cream colour that was there, changing cabinet handles.”

Kildare woman Aoife McDonnell has transformed her mobile home into a modern and stylish abode on a tiny budget – using lots of creativity and DIY skills!

The make-up artist and her partner Sean purchased the mobile home back in February for less than €15k and have been revamping it with love.

Aoife told RSVP Live that she thinks there is some stigma around mobile homes, but it has been the perfect option for them.

“We were in rented accommodation for about a year, and we had to move out quite suddenly,” she said.

“We didn’t want to put time and money into renting so we said ‘Will we just get a mobile home?’

“It was the quickest and most affordable option, and rather than wasting money on rent we will have something of value that we can sell on when we decide to build.”

She added that the pair wrote down a budget for renovating the home and have stuck to it religiously.

“Sean always reminds me, this is a saving project not a spending project!

“Anything we are spending our money on, we try to make sure it’s something we’ll get money back on when we’re selling the mobile home.

“We want to make it our own and make it an investment but we can’t go mad. 99% of the things we bought for the mobile were from Homesavers, The Range, really affordable shops.”

Take a look at the stunning mobile home below

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