Is Santa Real? Here’s How to Tell Your Kids

 Is Santa Real? Here’s How to Tell Your Kids

Christmas is a time of joy, of beautifully trimmed trees, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and fellowship with family and friends over delish dishes like roasted turkey. It’s a time for Santa Claus, too, the chubby fellow in the red suit who arrives on Christmas Eve in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. He comes down the chimney, bringing with him not only presents for all the good little boys and girls, but also the magic of the season. That’s part of what makes it so difficult for parents when children begin questioning whether Ol’ St. Nick is a real person—you don’t want to spoil the holiday for them.

And then there is the inevitable feeling that your littles are growing up too fast. Like beginning grade school, asking for the truth about Santa is often one of the big signs they’re leaving early childhood and the world of make believe behind. But the fact remains: once your children begin asking “Is Santa real?” you’re going to have to spill the beans eventually. Here’s how to tell kids the truth about the North Pole’s most famous resident.

When to Tell Your Kids About Santa Claus

Experts say you can expect your kids to start wondering about some of Santa’s more fantastical elements as young as age seven. They’ll start querying you about how Santa can deliver all those presents in a single night or why he uses a sleigh and reindeer instead of an airplane. And how does he fit down the chimney, or, for that matter, what does he do when a house doesn’t have…

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