Is it time to change NJ’s nickname? Most like it just fine

 Is it time to change NJ’s nickname? Most like it just fine

Keep “the Garden State” in the Garden State.

According to a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll, along with support from the New Jersey Farm Bureau, more than 77% of New Jersey voters believe “The Garden State” is a good nickname for us. Only 13% think the name should be changed and 10% are unsure.

Ryck Suydam, president of the New Jersey Farm Bureau and a farmer himself, said with Jersey tomatoes, corn, peaches and blueberries around, this makes sense.

“We think the poll shows New Jerseyans appreciate not only their highly productive local farms but also displays their love of landscape plants and protected open space lands,” he said.

Some issues confronting farmers also affect homeowners, including the damage to plants that can be done by the overpopulation of deer. About 63% of New Jersey residents said they favor hunts in addition to the current levels to control the deer population. This is up from the most recent FDU poll conducted in March 2020 where only 49% favored additional hunts.

Suydam said there’s just too many deer. In Somerset County, there are 110 deer per square mile. In Warren, it’s 200 deer per square mile.=

He said whether it’s ecological damage to the forests, increases in tick-borne diseases, deer-car collisions or the damage to agricultural crops, deer affects everyone’s lives. While these are beautiful majestic animals, he said there’s just too many of them.

Homeowners may not understand the monetary impact on farmers, but they do understand deer are…

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