Ins & Outs of AC Condensers 🥇 Air Conditioning Repair Services Menifee

 Ins & Outs of AC Condensers 🥇 Air Conditioning Repair Services Menifee

Posted on: September 7, 2021

A typical air conditioning system uses heat transfer to cool an interior space. It draws in the heat from the air inside your space and carries it to the outdoor unit, called the condenser. The condenser dissipates the heat and sends the newly cooled refrigerant back inside, enabling the cycle to continue.

But how exactly do AC condensers perform these functions, and what should you do if your condenser starts malfunctioning? Can you repair the condenser yourself, or should you immediately book air conditioning repair services in Menifee and other communities across South Riverside and San Diego Counties?

We have previously explored the different types of air conditioners and provided you with some tips on how to diagnose a malfunctioning AC condenser. Now we’ll help you get a better understanding of your AC system by answering some frequently asked questions and examining the vital role the condenser plays in your AC system. Keep reading to learn more.

How does an AC condenser work?

Air conditioners use refrigerant (R-410 in newer models) which is a special chemical compound that has the ability to rapidly change form between gas and liquid (this process is also known as “phase conversion”) without the need for major temperature fluctuations.

The cooling process begins when the interior unit of a split system AC (called the evaporator), draws in warm interior air and blows it over cold, low-pressure evaporator coils. This causes the…

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