Indoor flies and their control

 Indoor flies and their control

Most homes and businesses eventually experi­ence problems with indoor flies. Flies are one of the largest groups of insects. Un­like most other winged insects, which have four wings, flies have only two.

Smaller house-infesting flies include drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and fungus gnats. Larger flies, such as blow flies and flesh flies, occasionally invade homes to lay eggs on a decaying carcass. These flies rarely infest homes for long.

House flies and mos­quitoes rarely breed inside structures; however, they readily take advantage of open doors or unscreened windows to get indoors for food or shelter. Insecticides alone are rarely successful in eliminat­ing indoor fly infestations. Fly control is most effective when breeding sites in the structure are identified and eliminated. Because each type of indoor fly prefers slightly different breeding sites, identifying the fly should be the first step in any control effort.

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