Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

 Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

Many factors can affect your garage door sensor range.

Radio-frequency, antenna’s position, and other interferences can either increase or reduce its scope.

One common problem that residential or commercial garage door owners encounter is poor sensor range.

Having to press your remote control button a few times without getting any response from your overhead door is surely frustrating.

You try going closer to the door as you continue to click and hold the button down, but still, nothing happens.

When you finally get head-on with your overhead door, and you press the remote control button again, that’s when the door opens.

This situation somehow eliminates the purpose of having a remote sensor as you need to get closer to the opening for the door to function.

Poor sensor signal range is something that you will likely have to deal with sooner or later.

With frequent use, your remote control’s range will deteriorate over time and cause delays in your day.

In most cases, you’ll need to be at a particular distance while pressing the remote control button down and holding it a systematic way for it to work.

Instances like these bring so much hassle, especially if you’re catching up on some important activities.

In order to fix this issue, you need to know how you can essentially increase your garage door sensor range and keep the entire system working well.

Most of the time, fixing your opener’s sensor range is better left to the professionals for the best outcome.

The following are some expert techniques for increasing garage door sensor range.

Upgrading Sensor or Remote Control

Your remote control’s connection will eventually wear out, resulting in a decrease in signal range.

Sensors that are over ten years of age tend to lose contact.

If you’ve noticed that your remote control’s indicator light is not working, this might be a sign of a connection problem preventing the passage of signal on the sensor.

In this case, your best option will be to upgrade your sensor or remote control.

Changing Sensor’s Frequency

Altering your garage door sensor or remote control frequency is one way of improving its signal range.

Most modern garage doors run at a 315 MHz frequency, and old models used to operate at 390 MHz frequency.

If your overhead door opener is an older model that uses a DIP switch, changing its frequency may help you increase its range.

Experts do this by installing a new circuit board and set of controls in the garage door system.

An external receiver placed on the wall close to the opener may also be an alternative to modify its frequency.

Repositioning the Antenna Away from Interference

Some electrical devices placed in and around your garage door may cause interference on your sensor’s signal and lower its range.

Your surge protectors, LED and fluorescent bulbs, and alarm systems are some of the most common components in your property that may interfere with your sensor’s signal range.

If you can’t possibly move such devices to somewhere else in your place, professionals may recommend repositioning your opener’s antenna away from these interference sources.

Installing Antenna Extension

Garage doors usually have antennas that hang on their operator.

This component needs to be ten inches long to ensure that the sensor will get a clear signal.

Having an antenna extension installed on your garage door system might be the best way to increase its range and boost the connection.

Seek Professional Assistance from 305 Garage Door Services

Automated garage doors typically use sensors or remote controls to operate.

These modern technologies have been part of almost every overhead door available in the market today.

However, devices like these are often vulnerable to damages and deterioration.

Your opener’s sensor will eventually wear out and lose the needed connection, causing problems when opening or closing the door.

The techniques mentioned earlier are steps that may help you increase your garage door sensor range and resolve contact issues.

With the professionals’ help, you can determine what method is best for your garage door system.

But, always remember that it’s better to leave the job to the well-trained and highly skilled technicians of 305 Garage Door Services for your convenience and safety.

We deliver garage door repair services in all corners of Miami.

Our team can perform residential and commercial garage door repair, and we’re always ready to take your call.

You may reach out to our expert team if you’re having trouble with your garage door sensor or other components.

Contact us for bookings!

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