Increase Garage Door Opener Range — 24/7 Service

 Increase Garage Door Opener Range — 24/7 Service

It can be frustrating when you pull up to your driveway, press the remote button, and not open your garage door.

You continue pressing it while you’re inching closer to your garage, and at last, the door finally opens.

But do you have to suffer like this all the time to open your garage?

Typically, remote control signals the opener receiver of a minimum of 5 car lengths to a maximum of 200 ft, imagine the potential range you can leverage.

But you seem to be one of the unlucky few to have never unlocked the secret to a long-range signal.

So let’s get started before you head on to a garage door repair to get a fix.

Replace Batteries

The easiest way to increase your range on a garage door opener is to check your remote control battery.

It is the most affordable and a time-saver option.

People rarely check the batteries, and they…

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