I want to replace the counter top and sink in my kitchen

 I want to replace the counter top and sink in my kitchen

well about contractors being overloaded lately.

Its true. The pandemic started a huge construction boom. Everything from new decks to new additions.

The two contractors I use are so busy, I’m often being juggled with other jobs. I’ve had more half work done lately because the contractor was triple booked.

And when contractors look at jobs… small job like a sink vs an addition. You will focus on the addition because its more money (and keeps way more people working).

I’d try to look at handyman services or someone who isn’t a “construction guy”. Handyman services are good for this, small jobs. Jobs like this where its almost something the homeowner can do (yes you could do this yourself), handyman services are great for. They don’t shy away from the small jobs.

I usually send people to PANN when they ask. They are pricey but the annoyance factor is gone. They show up on time. They finish the job, and detail everything they did. Like a pro SHOULD do.

I’d also check out Home Depot services too (if you’re getting your stuff from Home Depot). Again their home services department is meant for smaller jobs like this. And since they are backed by the Home Depot name, you may have less issues.

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