HVAC Second Opinion: Trust Homesense

 HVAC Second Opinion: Trust Homesense

By: Griff Housemeyer  |  May 13, 2021

Why you need a second opinion

It’s a hot summer day and you finally have an HVAC technician looking at your faulty system. All you want is to have cold air in your house again, but you’re nervous about how much it might cost. Your fears are founded when your technician tells you that you either need $1000 of repairs or a whole new system. What are you going to do? 

We’ve probably all been in a situation like this and felt the stress of not knowing the right decision. Is the system’s issue really that bad? Is the technician just trying to make more money off you? If you don’t fully understand your heating and cooling system, and/or if your technician throws a lot of technical language at you, you may be more likely to agree to whatever they say. So the question remains: what are you going to do? 

Our answer: take a deep breath and look for a second opinion. Like other large investments or expenses, it’s worth making sure you fully understand the situation. Call a company you can trust to bridge the knowledge gap. Call Homesense, your second opinion experts. 

Why trust Homesense? 

We’re the perfect company to give you a trustworthy HVAC second opinion because we’re founded on, and daily live by, a set of shared values called the Heart of Homesense. When you ask us for a second opinion, we’ll: 

  • Be honest– Integrity is paramount to us. We’ll never use scare tactics. You can trust that…

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