How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

 How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

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How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

Cables have a crucial job: They make sure that the garage door is operating correctly.

If one side of the cable damages, it will cause the door to fall.

As a result, it might cause you injury if you’re in the way.

If you notice the cable shows signs of damage and is causing you trouble to operate your overhead door, seek help from a professional to do the job for you.

Repairing a cable can be very dangerous if you do it yourself.

If you don’t have the proper tools and skills to qualify for the job, forget it and leave the job to a garage door repair company near you.

On the other hand, if you think you can fix the problem yourself, consider following the procedure below.

Purpose of a Garage Door Cable

Before we head on to how to repair a broken garage door cable, you should know the importance of the cable in a garage door’s operation.

A spring is responsible for providing the door’s tension to open and close.

ut when you use your garage door over time, it will cause the spring to wear out.

A spring has limited cycles, and when it exceeds its limit, it will begin to wear.

Once the spring wears out, it snaps. When it happens, it causes the door to fall, exposing yourself to injury.

And that is where the cable comes in. Positioned in the middle of the spring, it prevents your garage door to snap.

If the spring breaks, it will just slide down to the cable. This is why your cables must be in good condition.

Otherwise, the door won’t lift properly.

Signs you need a cable repair

Just like springs, cables work differently according to the type of springs.

Torsion springs are mounted along the center where the cables run from the door to the cable drums.

Meanwhile, cables are attached to the extension spring, which runs along the sides of the track.

Both cables for torsion and extension springs are made of galvanized wire.

When used over time or due to age, it damages and can potentially cause you serious injuries.

That’s why look for these signs before deciding on a garage door repair cable.

  • The garage door won’t move: When you have a broken garage door cable, it prevents the door from moving.
  • The door is uneven: Broken cables can become loose, which causes an uneven door.
  • The garage door moves fast: While a fully-functional garage door cable allows for a smooth operation, a broken one causes the door to move more quickly.

When you begin to see these signs on overhead doors, you need to repair your cable right away.

How to Repair Cables

If you’re confident enough to repair it on your own, then why not.

But like with any garage door problems, it’s wise to seek help from a professional for a safer and well-executed job.

After all, repairing a cable requires professional skill.

When you’re sure enough that you have a damaged cable, repair it as soon as possible.

You can refer to these necessary steps on how to fix a broken garage door cable:

  1. Release the tension from the cable.
  2. Detach the garage door opener from the power source.
  3. Open the garage door manually.
  4. Attach the clamps under the door on both sides to prevent it from falling.
  5. Remove the springs and cable.
  6. Install the new cable.
  7. Hook the springs back.
  8. Remove the clamps, and turn on the opener.
  9. Test if the door is moving smoothly.

For more detailed approach, you can refer to this garage door repair cable video to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Take note that doing this kind of repair is you’re risking yourself to injury when you don’t do it properly.

If you’re not confident enough to do the repairs, you can always rely on A1 Garage Doors to do the job for you.

Hire Us to Fix Your Broken Garage Door Cable!

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