How to Open Your Pool For Summer (the Right Way)

 How to Open Your Pool For Summer (the Right Way)

With temperatures rising, it’s time to welcome the long-awaited pool opening season! 

But before you dive in, we have to first complete the necessary tasks for a successful pool opening. Just a few proactive steps could help you save time, money and trouble later on. Starting this process early will help your pool stay clear, healthy, and ready for swimming or relaxing all summer long. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to open your swimming pool.

Your Swimming Pool Opening Checklist

Follow this easy step-by-step pool opening plan to ensure that you’re covering the basics and getting the most out of this pool season.

1. Remove, Clean and Store Your Pool Cover

First, remove your pool cover, clean it and store it away securely. Over the winter months, pool covers can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. So, make sure your pool cover is clean and properly stored away for when it’s needed again at the end of the summer.

2. Fill Your Pool Up 

Fill your pool’s water surface level to midway up the skimmer openings and tile line. Throughout the week, add pool water as necessary to maintain the correct water level. If needed, be sure you inspect your auto-fill and make sure it is working properly.

3. Clean Out Debris

Debris can sneak into your pool during the off-season. Remove any leaves and other debris that might have gotten into the water when your pool was not in use.

4. Inspect and Clean Your Pool Filter 

You may have performed this task at the end of the last…

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