How To Open Garage When Power Goes Out — 24/7 Service

 How To Open Garage When Power Goes Out — 24/7 Service

No matter how far we, humanity, have advanced, we are still at the mercy of nature’s temperamental elements.

From the rattling force of thunderstorms to the deep cold of snowstorms, Mother Nature still reigns supreme over us.

This is especially evident when we are suddenly robbed of the thing we depend upon the most—electricity.

When these weather conditions get so extreme, they destroy power lines and any important electricity delivery means; we suddenly find ourselves unable to use any appliance and devices.

As power goes out, you find yourself wondering if you can manually open your garage door.

Fortunately, most garage doors come with an emergency release kit in emergencies such as power outages.

The guide below will help you through the process of manually opening garage doors.

Safety First

Before opening your garage…

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