How to Measure Basement Windows

 How to Measure Basement Windows

You know that old expression, “Measure twice, cut once”? When it comes to measuring out basement windows, you can’t afford to get this one wrong. 

There’s no jamming a window into place, or shaving down an eighth of an inch on a vinyl replacement window. This job requires precision.

The simplest way to replace your basement windows is to do a pocket installation—swapping out the old worn-out windows for the same size and type. If you are rethinking the size of your window, you’ll be cutting into your walls. 

Leave that one to the pros. 

A little window anatomy lesson.

Most windows are defined by the way they open. The two most common types of basement windows are slider windows that slide open and awning or vent windows that swing out. You may also hear folks call these hopper windows. 

You’re going to be measuring from jamb to jamb (the jamb is the side of the window), so ignore any of the parts that deal with opening and closing, and ignore the trim of the window, too. 

You’ll want to start by removing any interior trim so you can see the real size of this window. Take care removing this trim, as you’re going to reinstall it with your new window. 

At this stage, you can get a sense of the condition of your walls surrounding the window. If those are looking rough, you’re probably looking at a bigger job. 

Time to call the pros.   

Get out your tape measure.

To keep things straight, it’s a good idea to assign a name to each window you’re replacing….

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