How To Improve Garage Security & Reduce Break Ins

 How To Improve Garage Security & Reduce Break Ins

Introducing The MY CGD App For The Ultimate Garage Security

The MY CGD Smartphone App and Camera Opener is the perfect way to keep an eye on your garage (especially when you’re away), giving you that peace of mind and garage security.

MY CGD App Features Include:

* Real-time camera feed.

* Open and close your garage with the push of a button on your phone, from anywhere you are.

* Contactless deliveries.

* The ability to give temporary access to guests or workers, and then revoke their access once they leave.

* If you lose or misplace a garage remote you can use the app to delete it.

* Track the health of your garage door and receive alerts when something isn’t right or a service is needed.

* You can view complete diagnostics, so you can see who has been in and out, and when.

Watch this video to discover more of the amazing features of our innovative MY CGD App.

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