How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes ✔️ Get It Fixed Today

 How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes ✔️ Get It Fixed Today

Garage door openers today have high security features.

This is specifically due to the photo-eye sensors which work in tandem with both the opener’s auto-reverse features.

This mechanism’s purpose is to keep the door from closing on individuals, vehicles, and everything else in its direction.

It is important to have photo eyes installed on your garage door.

However, it is also necessary to make sure they are operational.

When a garage door photo eye is faulty, they usually become overly active.

In this situation, they can detect an obstacle in your garage area even though it is clear.

This prevents the garage door from closing.

Therefore, you might be curious to learn how to fix a garage door photo eye if you find your garage door does not function properly.

These sensors are located on the ground on each side of your garage door.

They release an unseen beam between them that detects whether or not someone is in the way when it splits the beam.

When the beam breaks, the door will not lock until the obstruction is removed.

The photo eye sensors, on the other hand, can sometimes malfunction.

At GDR Los Angeles we understand that the goods we provide and services must be safe and we are committed to taking your security and protection first.

Call us now and we’ll upgrade your photo-eyes sensor as one of our garage door services.

We make sure that your garage door does not endanger you or your family.

Steps on How To Fix Garage Door Photo Eye

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