How to Clean a Musty Smelling Sink ✔️ Cleveland

 How to Clean a Musty Smelling Sink ✔️ Cleveland

No one wants to wash their dishes in a sink that smells like stinky socks.

However, most homeowners tend to ignore their drain until an awful circumstance happens.

This unpleasant matter is either a cause of clogged drain or a smelly drain.

To prevent such a foul odor, cleaning areas like your kitchen drain, sink, and shower drain could eliminate the musty smell.

Fortunately, Plumb Guy is here to help.

In this article, we will talk about the causes of why you have a stinky drain and how to clean a musty-smelling sink.

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Stinky Bathroom Smell

There are many possible factors for a smelly bathroom.

Fortunately, if you have the necessary tools, cleaning your bathroom sink is not complicated.

To clean your bathroom sink and get rid of the musty smell, you must have a correct p-trap first.

A p-trap is an arch-like section below the sink.

The objective of a p-trap is to create a barricade by holding the water that prevents releasing of sewer gas into your bathroom.

However, if the p-trap you have doesn’t work perfectly, sewer gas can reach your bathroom in an instant and produce a stinking smell.

One advice we can give to you is to install a ventilation facility.


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