How to choose the best heater to keep the chill at bay this winter

 How to choose the best heater to keep the chill at bay this winter

By Vivien Horler 13h ago

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*This article first appeared in our latest Home Improver Digital Magazine

With winter around the corner, the shops are showcasing all sorts of heaters to keep your home warm. How do you know which type is most efficient and economical? Home Improver did a comparison and came up with some pointers

Wood-fired stove

Pros: Extremely efficient at heating a relatively large space – and cheering. Relatively economical on wood.

Cons: Expensive to install. You need to get the wood in; they are messy to clean.

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Open fireplace

Picture: Pexels

Pros: Cheering and romantic.

Cons: Not very efficient – most of the heat goes up the chimney; they gobble up fuel and are messy to clean.

Oil heater

Pros: An oil heater is safe because the oil is sealed in the fins. The heated oil stays warm even after the heater is turned off. It is relatively economical and can be left on for longish periods, perhaps overnight in a nursery. Make sure you get one with a thermostat.

Cons: Because the oil is slow to heat, an oil heater takes ages to heat a room. However, you can buy a combination fan/ oil heater, with the fan part warming the room quickly and the oil part maintaining the desired heat once it is achieved. These heaters are not very effective in large, open spaces.

Fan heater

Picture: Supplied

Pros: It produces heat instantly, so the room warms up quickly. It is energy…

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