How to Change an Air Conditioner Filter? ✔️ HVAC Cleveland Pros

 How to Change an Air Conditioner Filter? ✔️ HVAC Cleveland Pros

We may not be alone if we routinely forget to change our air filter.

We know that life is busy, and consequently, we often neglect to perform simple tasks like this.

For best results, we should replace an air filter every three months.

If we have pets and have allergies, it is better to change the air conditioner filter more often.

Keep on reading to know how to change an air conditioner filter.

Signs to know that our Air Conditioner filter needs replacement

If our Air Conditioner filter hasn’t been changed in a long time, these signs will help us to know when it should be:

1. The air condition unit becomes hot.

If the back of the unit is hot, our AC filter needs replacing.

The filter may even spew warm air from the back of the unit if it is clogged.

When the filter gets blocked, the system has to work harder to maintain the temperature.

Due to frequent repairs, this will shorten the unit’s life expectancy.

A simpler way to lower the demand is to change the AC filters frequently.

2. The air is not cool.

We can cite various factors as causes for reduced HVAC efficiency.

The first thing to do when we notice our AC is not cooling is to examine the AC filter.

If we’ve got a dirty air filter, we won’t be able to pass through the fresh air we need.

3. The electric bill increases.

When our electricity bill starts to go up, it is not easy to know where the extra money is going.

An appliance that is not working properly could be the cause, or it could be a poorly…

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