How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain ✔️ Repair It Today

 How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain ✔️ Repair It Today

Your garage door sensors need proper alignment in order to make sure that the door moves smoothly.

Eventually, the sensors may misalign, so it is essential to understand and have adequate knowledge on how to align garage door sensors, Chamberlain.

Garage door sensors have a unique function of preventing the door from closing once it detects any obstructions on the way.

This is a safety feature that latest garage doors possess, and it’s very helpful for many homes or business owners.

It allows the users to avoid the risk of damages and injuries when closing the garage door.

Your garage door has sensors that send and receive signals whenever prompted with a closing command.

However, if the sensors aren’t in line, the receiver will not get the signals from the other sensor causing your door to remain open.

Fortunately, it is not extremely complicated to realign your garage door sensors in Chamberlain.

You can go over to the guide below on how to align garage door sensors.

Turn Off Your Garage Door’s Power Supply

Before working on your sensors, make sure to disconnect your garage door’s power supply first for your safety.

You may also just turn off the switch if you have sensors manually plugged into the garage wall power outlet.

Wear electricity-resistant gloves when fiddling with the wires.

Although you’re not going to deal with live wires, it’s always advisable to take precautionary measures when there’s a personal safety concern.

Loosen the Screws of the…

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