How to adjust garage door cable tension ⭐ Call us now

 How to adjust garage door cable tension ⭐ Call us now

Regular inspection and timely maintenance are necessary to keep your garage door in the best shape.

These steps include cleaning the garage and checking all the parts of the garage door.

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A two to three-hour check can do a lot to point out to you the issues in your garage.

One of the maintenance steps you shouldn’t miss out on is adjustments.

Of all the garage door parts that need adjustments, don’t forget to check the garage door cable.

It’s one of the most overlooked parts of adjustment routines.

A loose cable can send your garage door downward, failing to support the structure.

On top of that, garage door cables can fray and become less durable over time.

Garage door cable inspection entails tension adjustments and possible cable replacements.

Steps for cable tension adjustment

Stay on top of your garage and learn how to adjust garage door cable tension.

The garage door operates seamlessly with the proper tension in the cables.

Take a few simple steps so you can make room to set your garage door cables in the best tension.

STEP 1: Disconnect from the garage door opener

The first thing you need to do is turn off the garage door opener.

Work with the garage door manually.

Do this so you can set it to the correct tension that carries the door without the opener.

STEP 2: Close the garage door

Pull down the garage door towards the ground after disconnecting from the…

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