How to adjust garage door cable tension ✔️ Top Garage Doors

 How to adjust garage door cable tension ✔️ Top Garage Doors

Having fit cables running your garage door lessens the possibility of getting garage accidents.

The garage door is run by a system of springs, cables, and other moving parts that guarantee a smooth performance.

You need to maintain the fit of all parts to make sure that no loose aspects are present.

It’s essential that you know how to adjust garage door cable tension.

A loose cable can lead to unleveled garage doors and damages to the garage door’s spring.

Take some regular schedule to check your garage.

Garage door cables are one of the most underrated parts of the garage door.

The function of the cables is to support other moving parts in the garage.

It also acts as an additional safety measure for the springs.

Don’t ignore any loose cables or fraying cables.

When it’s time to adjust the cables, you need to perform an adjustment.

When it’s time for a replacement, call us to help you take out the old cables.

Top Garage Doors can work around your cables for adjustments and new replacement installations.

We offer our professional garage door services in the area.

It’s a guarantee that you always have reliable service when loose cables result in an emergency.

Give us a call when you need emergency services.

Tension adjustment for garage door cables

Start your tension adjustment by having the right tools at hand.

Some equipment will help you handle the tension changes properly.

Don’t risk your safety during the tension adjustment.

Tools you need for the…

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