How this family’s fixer-upper first home led to a $177,000 profit

 How this family’s fixer-upper first home led to a $177,000 profit

As a self-employed online entrepreneur, Luke Barber dabbles in a wide range of pursuits: developing mobile apps, running his own car rental platform and selling digital products, to name a few.

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His favorite way to spend time, though, is documenting his family’s adventures on the YouTube channel Barberettez. In late 2016, a video of Barber and his wife, Hollie, building a triple bunk bed for their three daughters amassed more than 2.7 million views.


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However, there was one issue keeping Barber up at night: The family owned the bunk bed, but they didn’t own the house.

“I knew I shouldn’t be renting,” Barber says. “I needed to put on some big boy pants and buy a home.”

A long-term mindset

As Barber was thinking about how to leave the renting world behind, the family was gearing up to welcome a fourth girl.

“We bought the house at the perfect time,” Barber says, laughing. “We closed the last week of August and had a baby one week later.”

Despite their growing family, the house the Barbers purchased in Panama City Beach, Florida, was approximately 700 square feet smaller than their rental. While downsizing was necessary to afford the home and begin building equity, the property was the opposite of move-in ready, which was actually part of the appeal. The couple enjoys watching home renovation shows and wanted a fixer-upper.

“The carpet has all been destroyed,” Barber said in…

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