How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost? How To Budget for a Shower Remodel

 How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost? How To Budget for a Shower Remodel


  • Typical Range: $2,300 to $8,600

Any remodel that involves plumbing can strike fear in the hearts of homeowners. There is an assumption that bathroom and kitchen remodels equate to debt-inducing expenses. While that’s true, there are shower remodel cost options that can fit into almost any budget. Many options allow for a beautiful, cost-conscious remodel for much less than the national average of $5,400, and there are a wide variety of choices that let a homeowner splurge on luxury elements. The shower is where you go to wake up and gather your energy or calm down and cool off at the end of the day, so it’s worth learning about how to improve this space, whatever your budget may be.

The overall shower remodel cost will depend mainly on a few things: The condition of the old shower, the size of the shower and extent of the remodel, the material and fixtures you choose, and the cost of materials and labor in your area. As with any project that involves opening walls, ceilings, and pipes, there is, of course, the potential for unforeseen complications that will drive up the cost, such as plumbing or structural problems, mold, or rot. On the other hand, discovering those problems early on may allow you to address and correct them, preventing a disaster later that will be more expensive to fix.

There are many reasons to consider improving your shower: safety, sustainability, and home value, as well as the appeal of having an oasis in your home….

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