How Much Does a Plumber Cost? The Average Rate for Hiring a Plumber

 How Much Does a Plumber Cost? The Average Rate for Hiring a Plumber


  • Typical Range: $175 to $480
  • National Average: $327

Plumbing is a much-appreciated but often forgotten part of a home. It’s the network of materials that make sure the water and sewer systems work appropriately behind the scenes so a home’s inhabitants can enjoy their modern conveniences. A homeowner will need to hire a plumber when installing any new fixtures that use water and especially when there’s a necessary repair. Doing your own plumbing repair is a recipe for disaster if you accidentally create a much bigger problem by using the wrong tool or securing a fixture improperly. If you’re wondering, “How much does a plumber cost?” the price range is $175 to $480, or an average of $327. These costs usually cover tasks like toilet repair, faucet installation, and leaky pipe repair. When budgeting for plumbing repairs or updates, review this list of considerations.

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How Much Does a Plumber Cost? Cost Factors to Consider

Plumbing costs can vary due to the job’s complexity, the materials needed, and how long the job will take. You can also expect to pay more for emergency plumbing repairs, especially if it’s after hours. The average hourly rate for a plumber is $45 to $200, depending on the following factors.

Job Complexity

As with most repair jobs that require a skilled laborer, a complex job will cost more than a…

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