How Large Should You Make Your Garage?

 How Large Should You Make Your Garage?

Choosing the right size for metal garages size can be overwhelming for homeowners. Hitting that sweet spot means finding the balance between functionality and cost-efficiency. You don’t want too big of a garage area since it will cost more money to build and maintain. But you don’t want it to be too small either, since it disables you from adding items or another car. Fortunately, you don’t need to attend night classes or an expensive program just to figure out the most suitable garage size.

How Many Cars?

Obviously, you’ll need to know how many cars you’re planning on parking inside the garage, and how big those cars are. If you have one car at the moment, but is planning to buy another one either for your partner or college kid, this must be taken into consideration during the planning phase.

When predicting your car space needs, take into account any future lifestyle changes. Want to add another member to the family? You might need to buy a minivan or SUV in the near future, so the tiny spot set aside for your sedan might need an upgrade. Getting into outdoor sports? A larger space for your AWD vehicle, bike rack, and ski rack might be necessary. Having a good idea of your family’s future needs and potential changes will go a long way towards helping you create a garage that can grow with you.

Width and Length

Precise dimensions are important for any sound structure. There are certain standards when it comes to the overall interior dimensions of a garage. In…

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