How Garage Door Springs Work

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How Garage Door Springs Work – The garage door spring is the component behind holding the weight of the garage door.

Without these springs the garage door’s weight will be too much, or even impossible, to lift.

As the garage door is lowered, tension is experienced on the spring to counter the weight of dragging the door.

This same tension is released when the garage door is opened, and the spring supports the lifting.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Two types of springs can be found in a garage door, which are the torsion spring and the extensions spring.

Torsion springs are horizontally positioned on the torsion bars, With cable drums at both ends.

It is mounted above the garage door. These springs spread out the downward force exerted by the garage doors throughout the unit to balance the whole system. This prevents the garage door from vibrating, which can normally be observed in massive structures.

The weight of the garage door will determine the number of torsion springs needed by the system.

The number of doors can also be of influence.

The number of doors you have is directly proportional to the number of torsion springs needed to maintain a stable setup of the garage doors.

Meanwhile, extension springs are connected to the track support at one end via cables.

These are located on both sides of the garage doors.

This type of spring allows the door to sway opposite the direction of gravity, but it does not balance the garage door as that the torsion spring is able to.

Extension springs work using cables and a pulley system.

One cable is attached to the bottom of the door while the other is attached to a horizontal track angle via an s-hook.

An end of the cable will move to the bottom of the door as it is closed, while the rest of the cable passes over the pulley, located on top of the door.

This counterbalancing of the garage door’s weight is what makes it easy to open and close the door despite its massive weight.

Wear and Tear

Poor maintenance can eventually cause wear and tear in the springs. A broken spring can make it a lot difficult to open and close a garage door.

The tail ends of the springs, or the end loops, are often the first to suffer damage.

This can be repaired through separating the last two or more coils using a screwdriver, and then attaching an s-hook.

This may be a temporary fix before replacing the springs, however, a clip can be a better solution.

Most springs can withstand 10, 000 cycles, that is, one open and close motion of the garage door.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your springs, check the garage door balance.

This can be done by pulling on the emergency release cord, which puts the door on manual mode.

Then lift the door halfway release. If the door stays completely still, then the springs are in good condition, but if it sags and falls a bit then your springs are beginning to display signs of wear and tear.

Extension spring cables can also experience wearing down. A rusted cable should be replaced, if not both pairs, as it will contain the pieces of a spring if ever it should break.

This is then a safety measure that is critical in the system. More often than not however, an extension spring will deform first before it actually breaks.

Replacing garage door springs require professionals as it can be dangerous.

A hazard to prevent is spring breakage, which could lead to serious injury.

Repair of springs on garage doors are highly suggested to be conducted by professionals with the right tools.

In order to avoid risks, proper maintenance of your garage door springs should be observed.

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