How Do You Clean a Pellet Grill?

 How Do You Clean a Pellet Grill?

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I’ve had my Traeger grill for nearly two years, and I’ve never cleaned it. I knew things were bad when the display screen started flashing “Clean Grill” so I did some Googling to figure out how. There are an overwhelming number of articles and videos with different approaches. Some of them suggest taking it apart and vacuuming it, others scrubbing or bleaching. What’s the best way for me to tackle this, and how often should I clean my pellet grill?

This is good timing, because I’m desperately overdue to clean my Traeger too. I cook on it several nights a week, and haven’t been great about proactively keeping it clean. To make sure I did everything right, I reached out to Lisa Janssen, senior international marketing manager at Traeger, for help.

After Every Use

Jassen recceommends cleaning the grates after every use. “Especially if you’ve done something fatty, like chicken wings or a low and slow pork shoulder,” she says. But beware of metal brushes. “We’re finding those metal filaments will break off over time and can stay on your grates and make their way to your food.” (This goes for any grill.) She recommends this purpose-designed Traeger brush.

Swap out your liners or aluminum foil on the…

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