How an ‘archer’s bow’ devastated a small section of Stewiacke

 How an ‘archer’s bow’ devastated a small section of Stewiacke

A storm rumbling across Nova Scotia Wednesday suddenly flexed into an “archer’s bow” and devastated a small section of Stewiacke. 

Brandon Verboom, deputy chief of the Stewiacke Volunteer Fire Department, said he encountered the strange weather about 2:45 p.m. 

“You can kind of tell when a thunderstorm is rolling in — the wind picks up and stuff. But all the sudden it just, without warning, down-poured the hardest you could imagine,” he said Thursday. “And the winds were crazy. You could watch trees being broken. It only lasted 15 minutes.”

But during those 15 minutes, a hard wind smashed a barn, lightning struck and broke a chimney, and wind downed trees and power lines. About 10 minutes later, according to Verboom, the sun returned and everything settled down.

Jeff McCurdy captured this image of a barn flattened by a short, violent storm in Stewiacke this week. (Submitted by Jeff McCurdy)

Then his phone started ringing with calls for help. People reported arcing power lines and burning trees.

CN Rail called for help to get a tree off the train tracks. Lightning struck at least one house.

“The lightning must have struck the brick chimney,” he said. “The whole top of the chimney was blown apart. The brick was scattered everywhere.” 

Volunteer firefighters rush to help

Verboom said despite the storm literally coming out of the clear blue sky in the middle of the workday, 15 volunteer firefighters dropped everything and rushed to help.

“We were able to…

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