Home Garage and Auto Accessories Gifts for the DIYer in Your Life

 Home Garage and Auto Accessories Gifts for the DIYer in Your Life

For some people, the garage is their favorite room of the house. Not only does your garage allow you to keep your prized vehicle out of the elements, but it also gives you a space to work on all of your projects, automotive or otherwise.

But if you’ve been feeling like you could get more out of your garage space, we’ve put together a list of the top home garage products for DIYers.

Garage Floor Mat

Often the first sign of car troubles is a mysterious puddle collecting underneath your vehicle. Whether that puddle ends up being steering fluid, brake fluid, oil, or even just condensation from your air conditioner, you can mop the puddle up but the stain it leaves on your garage floor may be permanent.

But it’s easy to keep your garage floor clean and pristine with a large, rimmed mat for your garage floor. A thick vinyl mat will collect any spillage and be easy to clean with the squeegee or the hose.

Wall Guard

Have you ever noticed a section of someone’s garage wall, probably next to where they get out of their car, that’s smudged, smeared, and even dented from all the times they overzealously opened their door? All it takes is one haphazard door opening to leave a permanent mark in your garage. But with a well-placed wall guard, you can keep your walls and your car doors free and clear of permanent damage by placing a durable pad in the strike zone.

Threshold Seal

One of the most common issues homeowners encounter in their…

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