Here’s the purpose and process of a home energy audit

 Here’s the purpose and process of a home energy audit

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When your air conditioning system kicks on too often or one room is hotter than the others, it may be time to get a home energy audit.

Just like x-rays and blood work diagnose health problems, a home energy audit incorporates advanced equipment and technology to diagnose where your home is losing energy.

“A good energy audit is based on the numbers of the tests performed and consideration of your lifestyle. Those factors combined with the experience of the energy auditor will reveal ideal ways to reduce energy bills, fix hot rooms, and improve air quality,” David Byrnes, Rosie on the House Certified Partner with Green ID, said.

The Process

A solid home-performance auditor doesn’t stop at pointing out your home’s energy flaws. After conducting tests at your house, the energy specialist will determine how a problem or a solution in one area of the house might affect the performance in another — good or bad.

For example, Green ID’s home energy audit includes a 14-point process designed to find ways of saving you energy.

Homeowner Interview
This is a crucial first step because you are one of the most important sources of information.

Visual Inspection of the House
The auditor…

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