Here Are 5 Reasons M’sians Should Always Do Their Own Home Improvements & Repairs

 Here Are 5 Reasons M’sians Should Always Do Their Own Home Improvements & Repairs

If you own a house, you should also know the pains of maintaining one especially after you’ve lived there for a long time. Old houses would have issues caused by wear and tear, while new houses could also have their own problems thanks to poor workmanship and cheap materials.

Calling a professional repairman would be the first thing everyone does when their house needs a fixer-upper but if you have some basic home improvement skills, there are huge benefits to fixing your own home, including:

1. Saving a LOT of money on repair bills

Unless you need some work done that requires heavy and dangerous power tools, there are actually quite a lot of things you could do around your house that doesn’t require a handyman. For example, sealing cracks in the house could cost you up to RM300 and handyman fees in Malaysia are about RM70 per hour.

With some DIY knowledge, you can do simple house repairs such as:

With the right tools and materials, you can really save money on those labour charges!


2. Reduce the risk of having outsiders in your home

Repairman In House Edited

As we all know, the pandemic we are currently facing is highly infectious. This wouldn’t be a good time to have repairmen who have visited other houses come to your home and risk the possibility of getting sick. If you have major repairs or renovations planned, it’s best to postpone them for now and deal with any small home issues on your own.

Go online and watch videos on how to fix a seal in your bathroom or how to put up a…

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