Granny looked foward to spring cleaning after a long winter.

The idea of spring cleaning goes back thousands of years to the Passover in the Jewish tradition, and to the observation of Lent in early Orthodox teaching.

Traditional Catholics wanted¬†the altar cleaned before Good Friday, and the term for¬†ancient Persian¬†spring cleaning¬†translates to ‚Äúshaking the house.‚Ä̬†

Prior to the Chinese New Year, people traditionally cleaned their homes from top to bottom to remove any bad spirits and make room for good ones.  

In cold climates, the idea of spring cleaning came about because of finally being able to open doors and shutters in warmer weather. Archaic fireplaces covered cabin walls with thick layers of grime during the long winter. Opening the house for fresh air tended to put the soot on display, so American pioneer ladies instinctively wanted to clean in springtime. 

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