Google kills hundreds of ads by ‘worst garage door company in the nation’

 Google kills hundreds of ads by ‘worst garage door company in the nation’

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The Watchdog has terrible news for the Carrollton-based garage door repair company that operates in 30 U.S. cities and is infamous for overcharging customers.

The company spends millions of dollars a year on online advertising, most of it going to buy Google ads that allow it to jump in front of its competitors in search results. Chances are, even if you don’t want to hire the company, you could anyway because of name confusion. The company poaches names of other companies to confuse people who need quick garage door repairs.

The Watchdog is sick of hearing story after story from homeowners who are bamboozled out of a couple of thousand dollars or twice that for unnecessary repairs. Recently, a competitor sent me a list of 500 Internet domain names owned by the Carrollton company — Garage Door Services.

My colleague Marina Trahan Martinez verified the list as authentic using Then she asked Google about it.

A Google spokesperson tells The Watchdog: “Thanks for flagging these to us. As always, when we find ads on our platform that violate our policies we move swiftly to take action. We have removed these ads and the advertiser accounts.”

We tested it. We typed “Dallas overhead door company” into Google. Then we called the companies whose ads appeared. They are authentic local companies.

That top ad space, the most precious real estate in…

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