Good dirty money – The Namibian

 Good dirty money – The Namibian

IT TOOK a flake of dirt on braai meat for a 23-year-old Walvis Bay man to see an opportunity to start a business amid the high unemployment rate in the country.

Llewellyn de Jager had prepared for a life in the tourism industry when he left school at the end of 2018. He planned on launching into the industry in 2020 but his plans were shattered by the advent of the novel coronavirus.

“I was ready, and looking forward to travelling. Unfortunately, this could not happen because of Covid-19 which affected the tourism industry. I have been taking my CV to many companies and none of them called me back,” explained de Jager.

One afternoon when they were having a braai at a friend’s house he noticed that the meat had dirt flakes. He initially thought it was the braai mesh that was dirty but upon inquiry he was told it was from the chimney.

“Many houses at the coast have chimneys which are hardly cleaned. If they are cleaned it is done with a broom and that does not clean out the deposits of creosote and soot properly. I realised that this could be a business opportunity and I decided to give it a go,” he said.

He took to the internet for more information on chimney cleaning. With a loan from his father, de Jager ordered his chimney cleaning kit online.

“My mother allowed me to use her vacuum cleaners and the small brushes. It is a dirty job but easy to execute. When I started advertising a few people thought I was climbing up the chimney like Santa but when they heard what…

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