Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

 Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

Most of us dread a squealing garage door when we need to leave early in the morning for work.

Not only it will wake up the whole family, but it will also cause disturbance to the adjacent houses or worse the entire neighborhood.

But, why suffer such a nuisance in the early hours of the morning when it’s possible to get it fixed right away?

Read on to find out how to prevent the garage door from producing disturbance to the entire neighborhood.

What Causes Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

There are various reasons as to why the garage door squeals, grits, rattles, and produce more nuisances.

However, the primary cause for the garage roller door getting stuck is due to friction brought about by daily use.

Additionally, with the amount of daily wear the garage door receives, homeowners–if not all, disregard the idea of providing it with grease.

Common Reasons Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

Daily wear and tear is the main culprit for the garage roller door getting stuck.

However, with regular upkeep, wearing of the rollers can be prevented making the component last longer.

1. Dry rollers

As mentioned earlier, due to lack of grease and the door receiving a significant amount of daily wear–it can lead to drying of the rollers.

How do we resolve the issue?

Perform regular lubrication or as needed for a smooth and quiet operation.

2. Rust on the rollers

Rollers are mainly composed of a material that can produce rust and add the fact that they don’t receive regular lubrication.

These elements are the main culprits why garage door rollers are stuck or worse–forced to traverse the track creating nuisance sound.

With today’s array of choices, homeowners can replace the rollers with stainless-steel, nylon rollers, plastic rollers, etc.

3. Rollers are worn

One of the most common reasons why garage door rollers are stuck is that the component is already worn.

So, when the garage door begins to exhibit nuisance, inspect the hardware thoroughly, and replace the culprits accordingly.

However, always opt for a professional’s help when it comes to garage door issues.

Keep in mind, the garage door is composed of complex parts that require technical skills in fixing the hardware.

How to Prevent Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

Garage door rollers can last for up to 20 years for as long as it is taken with proper care.

By providing the garage door with regular maintenance checks, it will help in preventing costly repairs, inconvenience, and safety issues.

So, when the garage door rollers are no longer stuck, call for the expert technicians in San Jose for the garage door’s upkeep.

Listed below are a few of our helpful tips to prevent the garage door rollers from getting stuck.

Lubricate the rollers

For long-lasting garage door rollers, look for a lithium-based lubricant and apply it on the rollers once a year or as necessary.

Clean and remove any debris

To ensure the performance of the garage door rollers, make sure to get rid of any debris on its track.

With the use of a damp rag, wipe and remove the debris blocking the metal tracks that have accumulated over time.

Wipe down rust build-up

Make sure to eliminate any rust build-up on the rollers with the help of steel wool.

Tighten loose parts

Besides cleaning and wiping down rust and debris, make sure the loose components are tightened accordingly.


Overall, a garage door that receives deserving upkeep can last longer and can even pass its prime.

Homeowners should be mindful of the hardware’s health also and how important it is to provide preventive maintenance care.

Also, garage door roller upkeep will only take a piece of rag and a trusted lubricant brand.

When it’s done–going to work in the early hours of the morning is no longer a dreadful scenario.

Affordable Garage Door Repair Services

Do not disregard the garage door’s preventive care and maintenance needs.

San Jose Garage Door Doctor offers a range of affordable garage door repairs, maintenance, and overhead door installations in San Jose.

We want to make sure that every garage door in the San Jose area is highly performing to provide every resident with security.

For bookings and a free estimate on all the garage door services we offer–let us know!

We are more than glad to serve you.

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