Garage Motor Not Working

 Garage Motor Not Working

Your garage door might be the most frequently used entry and exit point in your home or commercial establishment.

As a result, this equipment tends to encounter functional problems now and then.

Major concerns usually happen when a garage motor fails to work.

When your overhead door’s motor unit doesn’t function properly, the cause of the problem may vary.

Whether your garage door won’t be fully open or has completely shut down due to motor issues, it’s best to make an immediate move and get to the bottom of the problem right away.

In most cases, you’ll need to call a professional technician to take care of the job, especially if it’s too complex and you lack tools and expertise.

Many factors can affect your garage motor’s overall functionality.

Here are some of them to give some ideas on how to fix such problems.

Disconnected Motor Unit

In some cases, a garage motor that won’t work might be due to a broken connection on the system.

It does not actually mean that your opener has incurred damages.

The problem may arise from a simple error and disconnection of the motor unit.

You can easily solve this yourself by checking the circuitry of the motor switch.

No Power Connection on the Operator

A garage motor not working could also result from the lack of power connection on the operator.

Sometimes, the issue occurs simply because of an unplugged power cord.

You may have unplugged the operator without even knowing it upon leaving your garage.

People do such actions sometimes and forget what they’ve done afterward.

Hence, always check first if you’ve unplugged your garage door system’s power cord when the motor unit won’t work.

However, this problem might also come from a more serious situation.

A busted circuit breaker or fuse may be preventing your garage door operator from receiving power, causing the motor unit to fail as well.

Circuit breaker issues require professional help as the repair job can be risky and complicated.

Besides that, a power connection problem on the operator can also arise from a faulty outlet.

So, checking your garage door system’s plugs and wirings should be the first thing to do whenever your garage door operator and motor stops working.

Expired Transmitter Batteries

Activating your garage door requires power access at both ends.

Hence, it’s not only the operator that might encounter a power connection problem but also the transmitter.

If your remote activation does not do anything with your garage door, your transmitter’s batteries might have expired due to loss of power.

You can change the batteries of your remote transmitter to fix the problem.

If you haven’t changed them before, you may simply remove the remote’s back cover and take the old batteries out. Head to a store and take those batteries with you for reference.

For other remotes with a locking component, you may have to use a screwdriver to take out and place the batteries.

Always ensure to install the batteries the right way to prevent any problems with your overhead door opener.

Fix Garage Motor Problem with 305 Garage Door Services

It’s important to know the first steps to undertake whenever your garage motor stops working.

You can perform some simple actions and solve the problem.

However, there are limitations to the steps you can do by yourself.

If major complications occur that resulted in the garage door motor failure, let the professionals handle the job for you.

Don’t try to perform DIY solutions without the proper tools, skills, and knowledge because you’ll be putting yourself at risk when you do such a thing.

If you’re unsure of what to do with your garage motor unit, you can call on 305 Garage Door Services’ expert technicians.

We offer garage door repair for any models and brands of residential and commercial overhead doors.

Our highly skilled team will help you determine the source of your garage motor problem and perform the necessary repairs for you.

Here in Miami, we are your most dependable and trusted garage door repair company.

Feel free to get in touch with our on-call representatives to make an appointment and request a free quote.

We have reliable technicians available round the clock who respond to any emergency garage door repair anytime and anywhere in the area.

Contact us for bookings of your service!

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