Garage Door Won’t Close

 Garage Door Won’t Close

When our garage door fails, it gives us a feeling of vulnerability.

Garage doors are supposed to secure the widest opening in our home.

But when it malfunctions, it can compromise our security.

Moreover, you don’t have to stress yourself in getting it fixed in time.

305 Garage Door Services in Miami is a dedicated garage door technician that provides same-day garage door repairs.

When your garage door fails to close, contact us so we can resolve the issue right away.

Although some faulty operations can be dealt with simple adjustments, your hardware needs to be inspected thoroughly.

There’s a possibility that the hardware is masking underlying issues and will continue to exist even after troubleshooting.

Call us for technical support and reliable garage door repairs anytime!

The following issues your hardware is exhibiting are likely calling for a technician’s help.

Malfunctioning safety sensors

Placed on either side of the hardware, the safety sensors are responsible for stopping the door from closing.

This feature helps avoid unnecessary accidents by prompting the door to stop if there’s any object under the panel.

Check for any presence of debris that may have caused the blockage.

Or, inspect for a damaged or dislodged cord that causes incoherent prompts.

Inspect the track and rollers

When was the last time you’ve replaced your garage door rollers? Perhaps, it’s high time to secure a new set of rollers.

Rollers allow a smooth transition of lifting and lowering the panel with ease.

Debris within the panel’s track causes resistance when the panel lowers down.

In case the roller is worn and there’s a presence of blockage within its track, it will compromise its seamless operation.

Force or limit adjustments

Besides the safety sensors, the garage door has a close-limit switch to avoid hitting any object under the panel.

The hardware’s motor unit has a force or limit switch which is responsible for signaling the panel when to stop.

If the close-limit is not adjusted properly, it will likely prevent the door from closing completely.

If you find this problem difficult to troubleshoot or set the limit switch properly–call for technical support.

A malfunctioning garage door can mean a range of underlying issues.

So, for safety and reliability, call us anytime!

The garage door panel retracted

When the garage door panel is retracted, it can mean two things.

This problem could mean that the rollers are damaged or the closing force is not adjusted properly.

However, when your rollers are broken, the extra friction can signal the opener to stop prop up prematurely.

Keep in mind that the garage door’s components are connected from one part to another.

That’s why it’s important to call for technical support when the hardware malfunctions for a thorough inspection.

Up-limit switch

Another issue when the door will not close completely is the up-limit switch.

Although this is a rare issue that occurs after replacing your old motor unit, let’s eliminate all the possibilities for a functional garage door.

To resolve the issue, move the switch closer to the motor unit.

If the lever is far from the unit, it prematurely props up the panel.

Therefore, adjust the touch-lever accordingly.

What Should I Do When the Garage Door Won’t Close?

The above-mentioned issues are just among the numerous problem your hardware exhibits.

Although the faulty hardware can be resolved with minor adjustments, some issues may need technical skills.

We can’t stress enough the safety hazard a broken garage door entails especially if the springs are broken.

That’s why when you encounter any problems with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call for technical support.

If the problem still exists after troubleshooting the hardware, contact us anytime!

Our garage door technician is available 24 hours a day for garage door repairs, parts replacements, and installations.

To avoid compromising your family’s safety and keep your home secured, book an appointment for routine maintenance.

Every garage door deserves regular upkeep.

Call us today!


A malfunctioning garage door compromises our safety.

But when you come home only to find out the garage door is not closed completely–it tells a different story.

In any home or commercial establishment, security is always a priority.

So when your garage door malfunctions, do not delay the repairs.

Call our technical team for emergency garage door repairs and replacements of your hardware’s broken parts.

Contact us–we are available 24/7!

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