Garage Door Track Adjustment

 Garage Door Track Adjustment

Garage Door Track Adjustment

When you live in Ottawa, you get to face some lovely warm summers, but the winters can be brutal. And this kind of drop in temperature is not good for your garage doors – especially the tracks. And because of this, you end up with misaligned tracks. And when it’s winter in Ottawa, that is not a pleasant problem to have.

Common Garage Door Track Issues

Here are some of the most common issues you will face when winter comes around in Ottawa:

  • Too Much Grease Can Lead to Track Misalignment

While this is a problem that can occur at any time of the year, it is more pronounced during winter. If there is too much grease on the tracks of overhead garage doors, it can lead to them getting misaligned. And if you let those tracks remain misaligned for a long time, then it could end up causing even more damage to the rest of your garage door system.

  • Contraction of Metal

We know that metal contracts when it gets cold. So, when winter comes around, expect your garage door tracks to contract. This can lead to the shape of the track changing slightly – or even quite a bit – since they are made of metal. When your tracks change shape, it can lead to them getting misaligned.

To reduce the chances of this happening, we ensure that there is enough lubrication on the springs, ball bearings and screw-drives – but not on the tracks. While this step can mitigate the problem somewhat, if the warping of the metal is too much, then the only thing we can do is replace those tracks.

  • Getting Bent Out of Shape

Thanks to the extreme winter temperatures, the garage door system may function sub-optimally. The door opener may not function as efficiently, the springs could weaken and even break, and so could the cables. When any of these issues occur, they directly impact the tracks and could cause them to bend.

Dangers of Trying to Repair Garage Door Tracks

There are many DIY hacks available on the internet that tell you how you can take care of garage door track repairs yourself. We, as professional garage door repair people, would strongly recommend not trying these repairs yourself – unless you have the necessary knowledge and experience doing so.

Here are some of the biggest dangers of trying to repair a garage door track on your own:

  • Misdiagnosing the Problem

While on the surface, it may look like a simple track misalignment, it could be caused by something more serious. And if you don’t carry out a thorough check of the entire door system, you won’t know that. So, you might end up wasting time and money repairing what looks to be a misaligned track, but despite your best efforts, your garage door continues to give problems.

This is why you need to call professionals like us to help you fix your garage door tracks.

  • Using the Wrong Parts

Each manufacturer has its own specially designed OEM parts for their garage doors. If you end up using the wrong parts to carry out a repair, you could compound the problem. We have in-depth knowledge about the kinds of parts that are needed for all types of garage doors, and we ensure that we have the stocks to carry out track repairs for any model.

  • Danger of Physical Injury

Garage doors are made up of interlinked components. When you try and repair a door track, you’re also affecting the springs, cables, rollers and so on. And if you don’t understand how the garage door system works, you could end up seriously injuring yourself.

There are horror stories of how springs have come undone with massive force, or how the overhead doors have crashed down, or cables have snapped suddenly – all of which have led to grievous injuries.

Call Us for Door Track Adjustments

Instead of taking a chance, call us to take care of your track adjustment problems – especially when it’s winter in Ottawa. We will carry out a thorough diagnosis of the problem and ensure that your garage door is up and running smoothly once again.

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