Garage Door Slams Shut

 Garage Door Slams Shut

Garage doors are designed to provide us security.

But when it malfunctions, it will likely compromise our security.

Garage doors are built with safety features to avoid unnecessary accidents.

This safety feature includes gently pressing the panel or slowly lowering the door to the ground.

Some features might even prompt the panel up to avoid hitting any object below the panel.

If your garage door slammed shut, the issue should be dealt with as soon as possible.

This type of malfunction can put your family’s safety at risk.

Bear in mind that even a regular aluminum door is enough to knock you out.

If you’re looking for a reliable garage door technician in Miami, 305 Garage Door Services is at your service.

Our expert technician is equipped and ready for garage door repairs in Miami.

Here are the most common reasons why our garage door slams shut.

Worn-out spring(s)

The garage door is composed of moving gears and parts that connect from one part to another.

If any of these broken parts is compromised, it will affect the overall performance of the hardware.

One of the most common reasons and the main culprit for garage door slamming shut is when the springs are broken.

Garage doors open and close more than a thousand times a year.

And with the frequency of use and the hardware’s age, it will likely wear out eventually.

Despite its functional role, some homeowners overlook the importance of regular upkeep.

When these detrimental elements combine, it will result in a malfunctioning garage door.

Although it will not prevent the springs from being broken, the least it can do is that it will help prolong the component.

Faulty garage door opener

Our garage door opener has a force-limit setting.

This feature allows you to set the garage door opener according to the panel’s weight and material.

It allows you to decrease or increase the force according to the panel’s weight and the condition of the garage door’s track.

If the force is adjusted too low, it will strain the opener and other moving parts to lift and lower the panel.

However, if it’s adjusted too high, it will prompt the garage door opener to close or open the door suddenly.

If you think your garage door opener is showing any signs of faulty operations, get the hardware checked and adjusted properly.

If you find it difficult to adjust the hardware, call us for technical assistance.

What Should I Do When Our Garage Door Slams Shut?

Given the garage door’s function, the hardware will break down in one way or another.

However, the least that you can do is to provide its basic commodity.

Besides its function, the garage door is exposed to various harmful elements that can get into the component.

So, when your garage door slams shut, tell your family members to avoid the garage door until it’s been dealt with accordingly.

The next best thing that you’re going to do is to call for technical assistance.

Calling for technical support will not only keep you and your family safe.

It will also save your time and money from spending on unnecessary repairs later on.

Avoid doing the repairs by yourself as much as possible.

Do not attempt to fix the device if you’re not confident and if you don’t have the right tools.

Chances are, it will only add further damage to the hardware.

Or worse, it will cause serious injuries.

We highly encourage you to call our expert technician in Miami for fast and efficient garage door repairs.

24-Hour Garage Door Service Provider in Miami

For all your garage door repairs and other major services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our staff and expert team are up to accommodate all your garage door services need.

We don’t want to compromise your safety and security.

That’s why when your garage door will break down, you can rely on us to come to your assistance.

Contact us for same-day garage door repairs and services in Miami anytime!


One of the most effective solutions to avoid any inconvenience and safety risk is to provide your hardware with preventive maintenance.

Although we cannot avoid the hardware from wearing out–preventive care will help prolong the hardware’s health.

Also, when it comes to garage door repairs, entrust all your garage door problems to a reliable service provider in Miami.

Contact us anytime for bookings and free estimates on all your garage door replacements, installation, and maintenance needs.

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