Garage Door Sensor Repair

 Garage Door Sensor Repair

Most homeowners utilize the garage as a carport and in case it malfunctions, there’s no way the vehicle can pull out from the garage.

As for commercial establishments, a broken overhead door impedes business operations.

Therefore, when the garage door sensor malfunctions, it causes inconvenience and stops everything in that specific area from leaving.

To avoid any disruptions to every homeowner’s routine and business’ operations–give the hardware deserving regular upkeep.

Connect to a reliable service provider in San Jose for continuous and productive daily operations.

What Causes the Garage Door Sensor to Stop Working?

As an ordinary individual, it can be difficult to identify the leading cause of a malfunctioning garage door.

Moreover, if we base our facts on the mechanism and frequency of the hardware’s use–daily wear and tear is primarily the cause of a faulty sensor.

Also, daily usage and coupled with irregular maintenance checks are the two most detrimental factors that lead to a malfunctioning garage door.

Therefore, to avoid expensive and emergency repairs in the future, learn how to identify when to get the hardware checked.

5 Tips to Determine the Garage Door Sensor is Working

One of the most common leading cause of malfunctioning garage door sensors is due to daily wear and tear.

However, we want to provide a few helpful tips on how to determine the garage door’s overall performance.

1. Check for any obstructions on the sensors’ path

The sensor path is responsible for retracting the panel to avoid hitting any object under the panel.

So, make sure no objects or debris are blocking on both sides of the sensor’s beam.

As mentioned above, when the sensor beam is blocked, it prompts the panel to retract.

2. Ensure the sensor power is connected

One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning garage door sensor is that it is not properly connected to its power supply.

One way to determine it is working is to ensure the LED lights are turned on.

If one or two of the LED lights are turned off, it is likely suggesting there’s a problem that must be dealt with accordingly.

3. Sensor lenses regular upkeep

Always look after the sensor lenses in their optimal condition by frequently wiping off the dirt or dust.

4. Check for moisture on the sensors

Make sure the sensors are dry.

It is highly possible that the moisture around the object can cause the object to malfunction.

Usually, moisture comes from the yard’s sprinkler system or yesterday’s heavy downpour.

5. Alignment of the sensors

Misaligned sensors prompt incoherent commands.

To ensure the sensors are aligned properly, check for the sensors’ LED lights.

For proper alignment–it should show a green light.

If it flashes red lights, align the sensors accordingly.

We Provide Garage Door Sensor Repair of Different Brands and Makes

We understand how important a functional garage door is to every residential and commercial building.

Therefore, don’t worry about the brands and makes of the garage door sensor installed on the hardware.

With our experience and expertise, we guarantee the valued clients that we can fix and replace all types of hardware brands and makes.

24-Hour Garage Door Sensor Repair in San Jose

Identifying the leading cause of a malfunctioning garage door is not every homeowner’s skills.

Unless the person has prior knowledge, skills, and special tools, then, do so with due precedence to safety.

Moreover, we want the residents in San Jose to know that our technical support team is up at any time.

We assure our valued customers that we will be right at the doorstep in no time for emergency garage door repairs.


The garage door will inevitably malfunction given the fact of the nature of its mechanism and prolonged exposure to various harmful elements.

However, if the hardware receives a generous amount of preventive maintenance checks–there’s no way it will break down at the worst possible time.

Also, by providing proper care to the hardware, it ensures everyone’s safety going in and out of the garage.

Entrust the garage door repair services to a trustworthy service provider in San Jose.

Bookings and Free Estimate Request for Garage Door Sensor Repair

For a high-performing garage door sensor and hardware regular upkeep–book the San Jose Garage Door Doctor technicians.

Feel free to discuss with us the services needed and the overall repair costs.

We are more than glad to serve the homeowners and commercial establishment owners in San Jose.

Our services are tailored to our customer’s convenience.

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