Garage Door Replacement Edmonton

 Garage Door Replacement Edmonton

Garage Door Replacement in Edmonton

If you live in Edmonton, you probably know the importance of having a garage in your home.

It improves the house’s overall appearance, protects your vehicle, and offers convenience.

However, if your garage door is already in poor shape and performance, replacing them is the best option.

With this, you need a professional garage door repair company to do the job for you.

Here are the things to know when you need a garage door replacement in Edmonton, procedure, and more.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

If your garage door is already between 10 to 20 years old, and it shows signs of severe damage, then you might need a replacement.

Replacing a garage door may sound expensive, but it’s better than to endure a faulty garage door. Besides, a faulty garage door can cause inconvenience to your home.

Consider the following signs showing in your overhead door before replacing it with a professional overhead door repairman.

Damaged Panels

Once you see multiple cracks on the panel, consider replacing it.

Damaged panels can put extra stress on the overall overhead door framework and the motors.

Replace the panels quickly. It is the exterior part of your overhead door, which protects your garage from intruders, bad weather, or even stray animals.

Noisy and Shaky Garage Door

Once you notice vibration and noise during the operation, then it’s time to buy a garage door.

The possible causes for this problem are broken springs, hinges, or worn-out bearings. Also, your overhead door is probably at the end of its life and needs an upgrade.

The garage door is not moving at all

Your garage door’s primary purpose is to open and close it to enter and quickly leave the house.

However, if it does not move, inspect the garage door opener, remote control, and photo-eye if everything is working well.

If one of the components shows signs of damage, then a garage door repair in Edmonton is necessary. But if these components need more than just a repair, the garage door repair company might probably replace it.

Increasing Energy Costs

An old garage door does not provide sufficient insulation to your garage, which increases your energy bill every month.

If your energy cost is increasing, replacing your door with a newer technology feature is the best option.

Once you buy a new garage door, you should consider a smarter technology embedded in it.

It enables you to control your garage door through a phone. This technology will save you money because you’ll open it when it’s necessary.

Also, buying a new garage door insulates your home better, further decreasing your energy bills monthly.

The Process

If you’re decided to replace your garage door, then know how a professional overhead door repairman does the job.

Replacing a garage door during the warm and dry months is the best time. During these months, the working conditions are easier which takes a few hours to finish the job.

These are the steps a garage door repairman usually does when replacing a garage door.

  1. Before the installation starts, it’s best to choose the garage door’s size and type you would like to install. The availability is also necessary to ensure that your garage door gets replaced right away.

Size is a significant factor in how long the installation will take. Smaller doors take a shorter time to install rather than larger ones. If a garage door repairman modifies the size when needed, he will do so, taking the job longer to complete.

  1. Next, the garage door repairman usually removes the old door and disassembles the parts and components. Then, he replaces everything with new ones.
  2. After the installation, the repairman tests if the garage door is working correctly. Every step in the installation process takes time to ensure that everything is working properly.

The installation takes about 3 to 4 hours, and it can vary on the conditions and your chosen garage door. Leave the job to the professionals so install your garage door correctly.

Call Our Team!

If you need a garage door replacement in Edmonton, don’t hesitate to call Overhead Door Pros to install it for you.

With over 15 years of experience in overhead doors, we know the right course of action to take once you call us.

We serve the whole provincial city of Edmonton. Whenever you need us, we’ll immediately dispatch our technician to your doorstep right away. We’re a garage door emergency company ready to respond to any requests around the clock.

We are happy to serve and offer you our assistance. We believe in our high-quality work while we give customer satisfaction at the same time.

Get in touch with us today! Say hello to your newly installed garage door!

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